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The Parish Chapel and The Chapter Room


Parish Chapel

(North chapel off the North transept)
In the side wall there is a recess, with an unusual square stepped head, probably original.

Chapter Room

(South chapel off the South transept. Formerly the Lady Chapel)
The original chapel here would have been smaller, as can be seen from the originally external window that now looks into it from the choir side-aisle. (This was probably re-opened by the 19th century restorers as a curiosity). chair_in_chapter_room__cathedral.jpgIt is likely however that this larger chapel was built almost immediately after the cathedral was completed. It is a remarkable room, the outer walls being entirely window – the medieval equivalent of a conservatory – in notable contrast to the rest of the building. (A close relative to this room is partially preserved in St John's church on the other side of the river). However, the lack of any solid walls made it susceptible to disrepair, and by the mid-19th century the windows had all had to be built up. It was dismantled and rebuilt in the 1870's.

The outline of a built-in arch in the North wall bears testimony to the much-travelled organ. This arch was opened up for it after its original perch, on top of the choir screen, was removed, and before the choir was ready for it to go to its present home. None of its positions have been entirely satisfactory and its travelling days may not yet be over. The arch to the transept has been much revised. There is a fragment of the painted decoration that covered the original medieval walls (an ivy tendril) on the uppermost arch.

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